Lorna Maseko’s Easter tradition

2016-03-27 10:00
Lorna Maseko (Instagram)

Johannesburg – Lorna Maseko is one busy woman.

When she’s not lighting up the screen on Top Billing, she’s giving cooking workshops across the country. 

But when it’s time for an Easter break, there’s only one place Lorna will be: at home with family

"I’m always with family for Easter. Easter is always a special time in our family. It’s something we all come together for, like Christmas.  We’ll probably have lunch and each of us will bring a dish. That, and go to church," Lorna told The Juice in a chat recently.

Lorna says this she usually takes a leg of lamb or ox-tail to the table. But after all those cooking workshops she’s been doing, we wouldn’t be surprised if her dish is a little more exotic this year.