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Lulo Cafe on love and THOSE groupies

2016-02-12 07:00
Lulo Cafe (Supplied-Metro FM)

Johannesburg - Groupies can be hard for any performer, especially if you're a popular DJ like "ladies man" DJ Lulo Cafe.

The charming DJ has often been plagued with rumours of his alleged love conquests (more on that here) and reports that he fathered a baby boy with his girlfriend Tumi late last year (more on that here).

Talking to The Juice, ahead of his performance at the OneWayTraffic event in Soweto this weekend, Lulo says he is unfazed by the reports about his love life, and is instead focused on his career and building his record label, Cadence Cartel.

"I've learnt how to deal with the female attention," he tells us. "You have to show appreciation, but also politely push them away so that there's no expectations. It's not easy to behave in our space but you gotta. You learnt to eventually deal with it"

"It will always be there. I mean, I stop and take pictures and chat, and in such an environment where people are drinking not everyone will behave appropriately. But I manage it somehow," he adds.

And even though Lulo and his missus may not share a home, he says he can always rely on her for support.

So, next time you see him up in the club, ladies, hands off!