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Manaka Ranaka's most important role is motherhood

2015-12-18 16:00


Manaka Ranaka (Supplied)

Johannesburg- Away from the cameras, Manaka Ranaka is the complete opposite of the character she plays on Generations:TheLegacy

Manaka plays Lucy, who is notorious for being dodgy. 

But Manaka says the only thing she has in common with Lucy is that they're both tomboys. 

Speaking to Move! magazine, Manaka opened up about the joys of motherhood. Manaka has two daughters, Katlego (16) and Naledi (7). 

"I think every mother should be a parent and their child's best friend. I never want my children to be afraid of me. I want to be the first person my daughter tells when she has her first kiss," Manaka told the mag. 

She added that even though watching your child grow up can be scary, she chooses to focus on the positive. 

"Things like abuse, teenage pregnancy and HIV scare me. But I'd rather focus on the positive things that come with my babies growing up, like seeing them drive for the first time and becoming strong, independent women," she added.