Mi Casa: from peer rejection to pure jubilation

2015-12-22 10:00
Mi Casa (Instagram)

Johannesburg – It’s been five years since Mi Casa burst onto the music scene, but it’s been a hard journey for J’ and them friends.

Mi Casa’s Mo-T sat down with The Juice recently to walk us through the band’s journey so far, and we learnt that they were once rejected by some of the biggest names in the industry.

“The first album was the album where people got to know us and that’s mostly because there was no collaborations there, but we actually asked a few big artists to feature on it… they all said no,” he says.

Mo- T says the experience was actually a blessing in disguise. “These were some huge artist and that actually helped us because if they had agreed, fans would have said that we were riding on their success instead of on our own talent. It was a blessing in disguise.”

Mo says the group was determined to prove they were not one hit wonders with their second album, but that things have changed with the band’s most recent release.“We weren’t trying to prove anything to anyone on our third album, Home Sweet Home. We just went into studio and had fun. We’re just having fun right now and the quality just came out,” he says. “It’s all blessings and we can’t wait for the next chapter.”

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