Mi Casa's Mo-T won’t go solo

2016-01-01 20:00


Mo-T (Instagram)

Johannesburg – He may have featured on one of the year’s biggest dance songs, but don’t expect Mo-T to be going solo any time soon.

After the success of his track with DJ Kent, you would be mistaken for thinking Mo might try to test the waters as a solo artist.

But when we sat down with the Mi Casa trumpeter, he told us it’s the furtherest thing from his mind.

"I’ve never really considered doing my own album because that would mean I would be going solo and that’s not happening any time soon. One thing we’ve always said is that even if one of us does our own thing, Mi Casa will always come first. Mi Casa is the father of everything. I never say ‘this is a Mo-T thing and Mi Casa can wait," he says.

"I did a track with DJ Kent and it’s doing well but at the same time it goes back to Mi Casa because it’s ‘Mo-T from Mi Casa’ and people actually learn that Mi Casa has a new album," he adds.

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