Mo Flava loses gig money in robbery

2016-01-04 18:00
Mo Flava (Instagram)

Johannesburg - 2016 may be a great year so far for many of us, but sadly not for Mo Flava.

The Metro FM DJ had a horrible start to 2016 when all the money made from his new year's day picnic event had been taken in a car robbery. 

Talking about the incident on his radio show, Mo says the thugs held up the vehicle travelling with the money, leaving all the passengers traumatised.

"Everyone was a victim in the situation. The thugs made off with the money and that's that. We'll just wait and see how effective our police are because so far I'm not impressed. But, like I said, the matter is now with them," he told listeners live on air on Monday morning.

Although Mo could not reveal how much was lost. He did say that it was "a life changing amount of money."

Eish! Sorry, Mo! Just come past and pick us up and we'll come help you look for the thugs!