Norma Gigaba's advice to deal with haters

2016-01-15 06:00


Norma Gigaba (Instagram)

Johannesburg- It's no secret that Norma Gigaba has had her fair share of drama recently. 

Just before the festive season Norma found herself making headlines, after a public feud with fashionista Buhle Mkhize spiralled out of control on social media. 

The feud seemed to start after Buhle publicly claimed to have had affair with Norma's husband, Malusi Gigaba. 

And, ever since the controversy came to light, Norma has seemed to handle it all with her head held high. 

"Just keep your head high, never pay attention on them, no matter how hard they try to drag your name, keep standing and be strong, let them destroy themselves with their lies, bitterness, jealousy and anger...just focus on doing you," she wrote on Instagram. 

Wise words! 

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