Ntombi Mzolo: My baby is a miracle

2015-11-25 12:00


Ntombi Mzolo (Instagram)

Johannesburg- Shikisha presenter, Ntombi Mzolo is in positive spirits after the birth of her miracle baby on Monday morning. 

Ntombi's son was born with a rare heart condition called Hypoplastic left heart syndrome. This means that the left side of the heart has not developed properly and will not be able to pump blood properly to the rest of the body. 

Speaking to The Juice just days before her son's birth, Ntombi described how she decided to defy doctors advice to terminate her pregnancy, and has instead chosen to leave her son's life in God's hands. (Read more on that here)

Shortly after her son's birth, Ntombi took to social media to update fans explaining that her miracle baby had arrived and was rushed to ICU. 

On Wednesday morning Ntombi told us that even though her son was still in ICU, and she hasn't got to spend much time with him, his birth has been nothing short of a miracle. 

"We're both doing okay. He is still in an incubator in ICU but he's breathing on his own, which is a good sign. Doctors are still monitoring him and will decide on when the surgery will take place," Ntombi explained. 

Adding, "I'm allowed to touch him through the incubator, and it's the greatest feeling when his little fingers grab mine back. I'm very happy that he's here and he's alive." 

I'm beyond grateful for the overwhelming support

The TV personality says the support from fans and people on social media has been incredibly touching. 

"So many people have been praying for me and my miracle baby, which I'm so grateful for. I believe that everyone's prayers is giving me the strength to remain positive," she said. 

Ntombi added that her family and close circle of friends has also been her pillar of strength during this trying time. 

"I have a very strong support structure in my husband, parents, and my friends." 

One of Ntombi's close friends is DJ Zinhle, who has also filled her hospital room with spoils for baby and her. 

"Zinhle was actually in the hospital room with me when doctors gave me my son's diagnosis because my husband was out of the country," she said. 

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