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Ntsiki Mazwai hits back at Simphiwe Dana

2016-02-04 15:00


Ntsiki Mazwai and Simphiwe Dana (Instagram)

Johannesurg- Ntsiki Mazwai has hit back strongly against Simphiwe Dana's plan to take legal action against her. 

The musicians have been embroiled in a nasty public feud, which came to a head on Tuesday morning.

The ongoing feud between the two musicians started on Monday, after Ntsiki claimed to have discovered Simphiwe during one of her open mic sessions. However, Simphiwe claimed to have no knowledge of this. 

Things escalated quickyl with both of them exchanging words on the social media platform. Things seemed to reach a boiling point when Ntsiki shared a series of tweets which seemed to take aim at Simphiwe. 

In her tweets Ntsiki calls out musicians who "sleep their way to the top." 

A statement from Simphiwe's management was released shortly after the tweets went viral. 

In the statement Simphiwe distanced herself from the tweets, labelling it "defamatory and false." 

The statement went on to add that Simphiwe plans to take legal action against Ntsiki. (Read more on that here

Taking to her blog on Tuesday evening, Ntsiki released a statement in response to Simphiwe's plans. 

"We would like to take the time to inform you that the reports by the media, of alleged comments made by Miss Ntsiki Mazwai, on Miss Simphiwe Dana are FALSE.

Miss Dana responded to tweets which she assumed were about her. The tweets did not have a name on them as a result Miss Mazwai has no idea how Miss Dana came to this conclusion.

We kindly ask Miss Dana and her media associates to stop fabricating stories about Miss Mazwai in news reports….with her name on the reports, this DOES constitute as defamation. Miss Mazwai tweets to over 50 000 people daily and cannot be held responsible for how her tweets get interpreted. She is currently working towards a Master Degree and cannot be distracted by petty distractions. Miss Mazwai wishes Miss Dana well on her endeavours. Thank you for your cooperation The Ntsiki Mazwai Team," read the statement.