#OpenUpTheIndustry turns on well-known local stars

2016-04-27 12:29


#OpenUpTheIndustry is trending on Twitter.

Cape Town – The hashtag #OpenUpTheIndustry was trending on Twitter on Wednesday.

The aim of the hashtag was originally to create awareness around the fact that South Africa is rich in talent and that we need to be giving more people the opportunity to showcase their abilities.

"Stop hindering the growth of SAs entertainment industry!! Stop killing dreams! Please," wrote Twitter user @Hermoso_Nisi.

‏"Acting is something i was born to do but seeing the same faces on TV makes me doubt that I will get a break," added @Mbali_sibuyi.

'They know who they want'

But it wasn’t long before the hashtag turned on well-known local faces for frequently landing the top jobs.

@phindilen02 tweeted: “Celebrities aren't participating on this hashtag guys”

While @JadeTraci added: “Listen, they have auditions, we get invited to these auditions but that's just a formality. They know who they want.”

"So many young, talented and ambitious people are bring shut out because they are not famous, never mind their talent," wrote @true_porsh.

'Don't use for personal attacks'

Others were quick to point out that the hashtag wasn’t meant to be used for personal attacks.

@LuloCafe tweeted: “This #OpenUpTheIndustry should not be used for personal attacks on people on the frontline, the behind the scene structures would shock you.”

"Wait..... Some are using this #OpenUpTheIndustry TT to drag well-known entertainers. We see you. Stop," tweeted ‏@anelisa_kakaza.

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