Ouch! Trevor Gumbi taken to hospital with a broken finger

2016-03-18 16:00
Trevor Gumbi (Instagram)

Johannesburg - Can Trevor Gumbi's fingers just give him a break, please? They're costing him an arm and a leg in hospital fees (see what we did there?).

Two months ago Trevor shocked us all (and nearly made us lose our lunch) with a picture of his infected finger (check that out here) but it seems his finger problems just won't go away. 

The comedian went to the hospital emergency room on Friday after busting his pinky.

Posting about the incident on Instagram, Trevor joked that he had broken his pinky finger punching a car. Okay, Superman, calm down.

Me and my crazy world. Broken finger. Emergency room. Sad faced thug

A photo posted by @trevorgumbi on

Broken pinky finger. Don't go punching cars

A photo posted by @trevorgumbi on

And in case we didn't believe that he had ACTUALLY broken it, he posted a snap of his x-ray scan showing the broken finger. Ouch!

Ja no, it's a break and a half

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