Pearl Thusi explains her dislike for Trevor Noah

2015-12-17 07:00


Pearl Thusi (Instagram)

Johannesburg- A few months ago, Pearl Thusi landed in hot water on social media after making a comment about Trevor Noah as he took over as The Daily Show host. 

When the announcement was officially made the entire nation took to social media to celebrate Trevor, and congratulate the comedian on the incredible achievement. 

The general sentiment from fans was that it is not just an achievement for Trevor, but for the entire country as a whole. 

At the time Pearl posted a picture of Trevor on her Instagram page with the caption: "Ladies and gents...a guy I don't really like but am unbelievably proud of. Thank you for showing us all the limitless possibilities that we all have if we apply ourselves. I wish you all the strength, blessings and success. Go Trevor go (sic)." 

Pearl was called out on social media for the comment, with some even labelling it "hate speech." (Read more on that here)

For the first time since the debacle, Pearl has spoken out about her dislike for the internationally renowned comedian during a no-holds barred interview with Gareth Cliff on

During the interview Gareth brought up the incident, and at first Pearl poured cold water on it calling it "petty." 

"He's dated a girl I know and I didn't like what she had to say. Uhm, he's very like 'we're at a table, I'm gonna take over,' you know 'I'm the most famous type thing.' There's that thing you know, it's unsaid but it's there. Maybe I'm just being insecure, maybe it's that," Pearl said. 

Adding, "But he's very like, 'I'm Trevor Noah, I'm smart, I'm clever, I'm whatever' and you'll be there with people who are his friends and he's like 'I'm not interested in you." 

Pearl added that the last straw for her was during one incident in Cape Town, where she was outside with some of her colleagues and friends, who are also from the industry and Trevor did not even greet them. 

"He did not even greet us, and I was like 'I'm done with this guy," Pearl added. 

She explained that she doesn't want Trevor to care about how she feels, this is just the way she feels which she's entitled to. 

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