Phelo Bala reflects on a dark time

2016-02-08 09:00


Phelo Bala (Instagram)

Johannesburg- Phelo Bala has opened up about overcoming some of the hardest challenges thrown at him. 

Last year Phelo, who is the youngest of the Bala Brothers, opened up about his journey as a sangoma and how it was a life changing experience. 

Nine months into his training to become a sangoma, Phelo had a change of heart and returned to Christianity. 

But this is not all Phelo has had to deal with. 

The singer recently opened up about a time in his life when he felt sad, confused and had low self-esteem. 

Phelo's trip down memory lane was jolted by a picture of him in 2010. 

"It's so weird how #tbt's remind you of where you were once upon a time. I personally look at this picture and remember the sadness, confusion and low self-esteem. I had at this very moment that I took this picture. You may look at this picture and see nothing but I look at it and see everything. I feel God restoring all the things that were stolen from me, including my happiness. Here's to 2016 #WeAreAlsoHumanBeings," Phelo wrote on Instagram. 

The good news is that the singer is in a much better space, and is back to making music. 

Here's Phelo's full post...