PIC: Black Coffee is big in London! Here's the proof!

2016-03-29 20:00
DJ Black Coffee (Instagram)

Johannesburg - It's a thought that could keep you up all night if you let it: How popular is Black Coffee ACTUALLY? 

We read reports of him performing at festivals around the world (like this little one here), selling out world tours and even getting shout-outs from some of Hollywood's biggest names (see who's a fan here) but it's hard to imagine how big our boy has made it overseas.

So instead of writing a 20 point dossier trying to convince you of his popularity, we thought a single picture might do the job - because, you know what they say about a picture being worth a 1000 words.

You see, while many of us were spending the weekend looking for Easter eggs (or at least wishing we were still young enough to searching for Easter eggs), over in Brixton, London people were queueing around the block, some waiting for as long as three hours, to see our Black Coffee.

Why? because he's friggin Black Coffee, dammit!

A picture of the crowd was posted online by a Twitter user and was soon shared across the platform as fans and celebs paid tribute to the popular house muso.

So, next time you need motivation to go watch your friend DJ at a local club, just think he could one day become the next Black Coffee -and then you'll have to wait three hours in the cold just to get in the door. Well grab your coat....

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