Poppy wants you to know she is not engaged

2016-02-13 16:00


Poppy and bae (Instagram)

Johannesburg - Poppy Ntshongwana has proudly been showing off her bae on SnapChat. She hasn't really shared him elsewhere, because, well, those stay forever and snaps delete after 24 hours.

But even with the social media app all but erasing any mention of him, she's very liberal about her love life, even opening up about meeting the parents in December. Dum dum dum.

It all went well and after leaving 5FM, it's a whole new fresh start for our fitness fundi. But there's one thing that's irritating her: people thinking that she's engaged. It's gotten so bad, that she says peeps are now actually calling her to congratulate her. 

Hello, don't you follow her SnapChat? 

Either way, it's irritating and she's clearing the air before rumour becomes fact. 

"Why are random people so hellbent on me being engaged. I'm a whole four months into my relationship, what would we be getting engaged for"

You tell them!

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