Redi Tlhabi: Both my pregnancies have been miracles

2016-02-22 08:00


Redi Tlhabi. Picture: Supplied

Johannesburg- Radio personality Redi Tlhabi is beyond excited about expecting her second baby. 

Falling pregnant for the second time despite facing many difficulties the first time round, Redi describes her pregnancies as a miracle. 

Speaking to Destiny magazine, Redi revealed that she is enjoying her pregnancy and can't wait for the new addition to the family. 

"Being pregnant is about more than procreating. It’s an emotional bond that’s formed between a mother and a baby. I'm over the period of extreme exhaustion. Right now, I'm still exhausted, but not as much as I was, so I'm functional," she told the magazine. 

Comparing her first pregnancy to this one, Redi says that her eating habits are completely different. She explained that when she was expecting Neo all she wanted was bland foods and carbs, now she can't go without veggies, fish and chicken. 

Redi also explained that they don't plan to have any more children after this baby is born. "I battled to fall pregnant during the time that we tried and Neo’s arrival, so my husband and I have introduced a lifestyle of routine and tradition."

She added that both her pregnancies have been miracles and if falling pregnant wasn't a challenge for her, she would have probably had three or four kids by now.

Aw, all the best Redi. We can't wait to meet the lil one!