Relax, fam! Kwesta is so not part of the illuminati

2016-02-19 19:00
Kwesta (Instagram)

Johannesburg - Kwesta was the talk of the town this week when it was claimed by an overzealous fan that he was part of the secret society known as the illuminati.

Pointing to the cover art of Kwesta's upcoming album, Dakar II, the fan claims that if you look hard enough you can see many signs of Kwesta's membership. Kind of like how if you stare at the sun too long you're probably going to see a lot of crazy stuff.

We're not sure if the fan was smoking anything on the day he made the claim, but he was soon shut down by Kwesta's loyal followers.

Eventually Kwesta himself had to come down to reassure the masses, explaining the true inspiration behind the cover art.

"There's no illuminati conspiracy... The DaKAR II album art was SOLELY inspired by #RhodesMustFall!," Kwesta wrote in reply.

Clearly the conspiracy theorists aren't varsity students.

Kwesta is the latest in a long list of artists who have been accused of selling their souls to the illuminati with Cassper, Loot Love, Black Coffee and even Boity accused of joining. (more on that here,  here and here).

One things for sure, if this secret society exists, its concerts must be so lit!  

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