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Relax! Power Couple's Rosh and Ivan are just fine!

2015-11-13 19:00
Power Couple SA's Roshila and Ivan (Power Couple SA- Twitter)

Johannesburg - Power Couple Roshila and Ivan may have fans stressing about their relationship, but they remain as close as ever.

Power Couple got tongues wagging on Thursday evening when a collapse in communication between the two saw the pair eliminated on the latest episode of the hit reality show.

After a disaster challenge, which resulted in Ivan losing his cool and the pair getting involved in a heated argument, fans took to Twitter to share their anger at Ivan, some even suggesting that perhaps his wife should leave him.

But the couple maintain that they are doing well and that their relationship has never been stronger.

"I don't know if people expect perfect couples on the show, but we're far from a perfect couple," Ivan tells The Juice. "We make mistakes and last night especially I made a mistake. I lost focus on my wife and lost my cool," he adds.

"I still apologise to Roshila to this day, because I still think back on that moment and it haunts me," Ivan reveals. "But we're doing very well."

"This is just a small moment in our relationship. We need to keep that perspective. It's been a long relationship and we've learnt so much about each other from this experience, but we're just as we always were," Roshila adds.