Remembering Simba Mhere and Kady-Shay O'Bryan

2016-01-31 17:20
Simba and Kady (Instagram)

Johannesburg - A year ago South Africans woke up to the news that Top Billing presenter, Simba Mhere had been killed in a car accident. Simba was en route to Cape Town when the car he was travelling in got hit by another vehicle. He was with his friend, Kady-Shay O'Bryan who was also killed in the accident.

While the driver of the car is on trial for culpable homicide, it has brought little relief to those who lost a loved one. During an interview on Top Billing on Thursday, Simba's sister Valerie said that she thinks of her brother every day. "I still expect him to come home. I expect to see him walk through the door."

One of Simba's friends and fellow Top Billing presenter, Jonathan Boynton-Lee has given The Juice a copy of a poem written by him and read at his memorial. He says he wrote it from Simba, to everyone.

I want you to know I love you, and I miss you with all my heart. 

I know you'll be fine without me. Because we'll never be apart.

Whenever you are lonely in times of sorrow or hurt

Know that I'm your angel, and I'm here to help you twerk.

When you dream at night of my size 12's, and of smiles that light up a room

I'll rest with your name upon my lips, sending you bear hugs real soon.

So spend some time jamming out loud, love freely, love loud and dream

Dance with your homes in the pouring rain, shouting 'I'm half-man, half-amazing.'

And all the time as you dream, spare some time for me.

Know I'm the angel of your dreams, your dream maker for eternity.

Four of my favourite people in one place. #friends #thebear #pandorasacelebrity ??

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Kady's brother, Duane wrote this message to his sister, remembering the spirit that she was.

"Kady-Shay, today 1 year ago, you and Simba were taken from us too early in your lives. Today isn't a day to celebrate, but a day to reflect on what lessons we can take away from your passing. I have started to appreciate the relationship with my kids, wife, family and friends more, and have tried to make more of an effort all round. I have learnt that life is too short, so do something crazy and out of character once in a while. I hope you and Simba are having a blast together. We all miss you lots! #‎RIPlilsis"