Reports: Gospel musician hires piracy police

2015-11-25 13:40
Bonakele Masango (Facebook)

Johannesburg - Gospel artist, Bonakele Masango has had it with pirates stealing her music!

In fact, she's so gatvol of her music being sold on pavements that she's hired a private security company to help protect her music from pirates.

According to The Mercury,  Bonakele says she has lost millions of rand to piracy and she wants the government to do more to help artists safe-guard their craft.

“Instead of arresting the culprits, you find the artists being charged. We are not allowed to take the law in our own hands," she says, alluding to an incident in 2011 when fellow gospel artist Lusanda Mcinga was arrested for beating supposed pirates.

“Seeing that my hands were tied, I decided to hire Ithunzi Protection Services to be on the lookout for such people,”  Bonakele says.

Bonakele says that these security guards will patrol the streets, posing as potential customers before pouncing on pirates who sell her music.

So, vendors at Noord better be on the lookout!