Reports: Solly Moholo & Doc Shebeleza in money feud

2015-12-02 13:30


Solly Moholo (Gallo)

Johannesburg- Music veteran Solly Moholo has reportedly accused Doc Shebeleza of making a run with R60 000 of his money. 

This is according to Daily Sun, which is reporting that Solly claims to have given Shebeleza the money for an event, but the event has never happened. 

Solly claims that he and Doc shared the same dream of hosting a music festival that would give young musicians a platform to showcase their talent. The festival was apparently supposed to take place in 2001. 

"We agreed to each contribute R60 000 to organise the show. I stuck to my word and gave R60 000 to Doc, but 14 years later there's no sign of the festival or my money. I'm very disappointed with how things turned out," Solly apparently told the paper. 

Solly also claims that Doc has stopped answering his phone calls. 

When asked for comment by the paper, all Doc would say is that Solly knows the truth. 

"Only God and Solly know the truth. Since Solly claims to be a Christian, he must tell the truth," Doc said.