Reports: V-Mash broke and living in poverty

2015-11-13 13:05
V-Mash (Twitter)

Johannesburg - There's no doubt that former Jam Alley presenter, V-Mash, has led a troubled life in the limelight.

Vinolia Mashego, popularly known as V-Mash, has previously spoken out about being broke, fired and accused of theft.

Just last year she was arrested after being accused of stealing a neighbours TV. And just went it seemed like she may be making some kind of comeback with reports hinting at a possible TV gig, Move! is claiming that it couldn't be further from the truth.

The magazine claims that V-Mash is living in a RDP house and has been accused by neighbours of stealing food, money and cigarettes from children in the community.

"They are neighbours from hell. They sit outside their house and terrorise our children," one person apparently told the magazine.

Move! spoke to V-Mash at her home, and while denying that she and her boyfriend steal from children, she did admit to living in poverty, saying her electricity has been cut and they battle to buy food.

V-Mash has not been active on social media for years, but has previously spoken out about her battles in life.

Speaking to Drum in 2013, the actress admitted to feeling suicidal at her lack of work and being down and out.