Riky Rick slams international platforms: F**k iTunes

2016-03-11 09:00


Riky Rick. (Supplied)

Johannesburg- Riky Rick has come out strongly against international sharing music platforms such as iTunes and YouTube. 

The rapper has also embarked on a mission to be the change he wants to see. 

"From now on everything I drop will only be available on my platform. FUCK iTunes.  We spend so much energy pushing "iTunes", "Youtube" and every other platform. We need to start pushing our own platforms. Ownership is key," Riky wrote on Twitter. 

The rapper also revealed that he's spent almost R40 K on promoting iTune links, only to realise the majority of the real fans can't afford iPhones.

"Music shouldn't have barriers," Riky said. 

With that said, Riky's latest track Sidlukotini, which drops on Friday, will only be available on

Here's what Riky has to say...

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