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Samkelo Ndlovu takes on 'cheap' reality shows

2016-02-23 19:00
Samkelo Ndlovu (Instagram)

Johannesburg - While many of us can't wait for Sunday night to grab our blanket, snacks and watch our favourite reality shows, we know that Samkelo Ndlovu will probably never be joining us. 

Samkelo has never been shy to write what's on her mind, especially if it has to do with injustice and TV, and in a lengthy rant on social media this week, the outspoken Rhythm City actress took aim at the quality of local reality shows and the way they portray black people.

"This thing of creating these reality shows that make my people look like fools. These shows that promise it's about a wedding or dating when they are to poke fun at my people. When they could've been shot in a more flattering and tactful light. I hate it," she wrote.

"Also these adverts where they have childlike graphics and some big black lady or man shouting and screaming about prices. Yes, it is a healthy thing to laugh at ourselves as a people. It helps us look at ourselves for real. But this sort of thing promotes a further segregation amongst my people," she added.

The philosophical Samkelo says that painting people with such stereotypes has led to a class division in society where the "upper middle class feel they can poke fun and laugh at lower or below the breadline people."

She says the only way to bring about peace and unity among people is to show black people succeeding. 

"Make shows about successful black people, appeal to real black people and not the uneducated blacks people you think we are. This is my South Africa too, and my future children will have to grow up here too. Just stop. We are smarter, more beautiful and more sophisticated than you make us seem," she wrote.

Eish, but we love OPW. 

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