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Simphiwe Dana to take legal action against Ntsiki Mazwai

2016-02-03 13:12


Simphiwe Dana, Ntsiki Mazwai (Instagram)

Johannesburg- Musician and social activist Simphiwe Dana on Wednesday confirmed that she will be suing fellow musician Ntsiki Mazwai for defamation.

The public feud between Simphiwe and Ntsiki started on Monday after Ntsiki was challenged to come up with a concept for a talent search competition. Trying to prove her scouting credibility, Ntsiki mentioned a few names of local musicians that were apparently discovered through open mic sessions hosted by her. 

Simphiwe hit back at Ntsiki stating that she had no knowledge of being discovered by the controversial poet. 

Things quickly spiralled out of control with both musicians exchanging words on the social media platform. Ntsiki dug into Simphiwe stating that "alcoholism is a real thing." 

This did not sit well with Simphiwe who lashed back at her, saying that Ntsiki should focus on her own career. 

The feud seemed to reach boiling point when Ntsiki returned to Twitter to share a series of tweets which seemed to be aimed at Simphiwe. In a series of tweets Ntsiki speaks of musicians "sleeping their way to the top."

February 3, 2016 ">Simphiwe has since released a statement, saying she is looking into legal action. 

It has been noted that Simphiwe Dana has been at the receiving end of Ntsiki Mazwai’s tweets from Monday 01 February 2016 with tweets defaming her character.

There are various tweets that imply that Simphiwe Dana is an alcoholic and has slept her way to the top, Simphiwe distances herself from these tweets as they are false and are defamatory.

Moving forward, Simphiwe Dana will be taking legal action against Ntsiki Mazwai for her tweets, as they may cause irreparable reputational damage to her personal brand and that of other brands that are in partnership with Ms Dana.

This is not the message that we want to send out to the young future leaders of South Africa and Africa as a whole about Simphiwe Dana’s character.

Simphiwe Dana stands for hard work, ambition, dedication, perseverance and the right support to become successful as is proven by her social activities and involvement.