Simphiwe Ngema chooses the hard road to the top

2015-12-03 14:00


Simphiwe Ngema (Instagram)

Johannesburg- Former Muvhango actress Simphiwe Ngema is determined to reach the top on her own merit. 

Two months ago the actress broke many hearts when it was revealed that she would be leaving the soapie. 

Simphiwe, who played the role of Thuli on the popular TV show, became a firm favourite with fans. 

The actress has made some strong statements about people compromising their morals and values to reach the top, saying she hopes to inspire young girls through her outlook on life. 

Simphiwe says that she wants young girls to believe it is possible to become successful by taking the hard road. 

"Choosing to wait for God in a competitive industry that is obsessed with money, sex and drugs is sometimes difficult, people sell their birth right for success and your peers become more successful than you are in a short space of time. It might be difficult and take longer but I choose to work for the things I have, I choose to date someone who is a year older than me, not as successful as the older guys only because I love him and he loves me and we believe in each other's dreams, I choose to do it my(our) way at my(our) own pace, So if you think you'll buy me sorry for you try next door, ngithengwe nge gazi elomfeli wam' ujesu," she wrote. 

Adding, "I am destined for bigger things. I choose to do things this way just to show the young girls that are coming after me that it is possible. I choose to inspire, I choose love, genuine love and I choose God."