Siv Ngesi to press charges after racial altercation

2016-04-06 08:42


Siv Ngesi. (Photo: Gallo Images)

Cape Town – Siv Ngesi will be pressing charges against a couple after an alleged racial incident that took place over the weekend after a friend’s birthday party.

The Man Cave presenter took to Facebook on Tuesday to share more information about the incident that left him in complete shock.  

"I often read about and listen to stories about racist incidents and feel connected to people who suffer for obvious reasons, but I didn't think I would ever be the black man pressing charges against a white couple who just can’t let go of the past," Siv started his post.

According to the 30-year-old the incident started after his Uber was blocking the couple’s car at a parking bay.

"The Uber was next to a parking bay with hazards on. I was about to jump into the Uber when I saw a couple screaming and shouting at the Uber to move out the way because he was blocking their way out.

"I went to them to apologize and explain that it was my bad. Instead of calming down, they just kept on screaming and hooting, telling me to stuff off. I started to walk away, but then went back and once again tried to calm it all down," Siv writes in his post.

Verbally and physically attacked:

According to Siv he had an exchange of words with the couple but insists he didn’t say anything racial.

Siv alleges that as he left to get back in his Uber the female assaulted him both verbally and physically.

"At this point I was bent over the passenger side of their car. The lady was furious that I have even dared to argue or try and talk back, and so she not only lashed out verbally, but hit me through the face, rings and all.

"I’m never ever going to hit back at a woman, whatever the circumstances. So I challenged the guy, and asked him to get out of the car. He refused and threatened to call the police. Which I suggested he do."

As Siv’s driver pulled away the couple followed them in their car and pulled up next to them.

"I could see them still screaming things at me, but now they were making baboon/monkey sounds and actions. With their window down, I heard them say: ‘You're illiterate, you're stupid, by the time you find me you'll be my servant’."

According to Siv he managed to get the number plate details of the car and after asking for assistance on social media he tracked down the couple.

"I called him and said: ‘I warned you that you messed with the wrong guy, that I would find you and I am pressing charges’."

The TV star says he is still very angry over the incident but what upsets him the most is the racial slurs the couple threw at him.

Siv's tweet about the incident: