Somizi's new reality show: Here's what we know

2016-03-21 18:00
Somizi (Instagram)

Johannesburg - A reality show starring Somizi is finally about to happen! It's true!

Somizi has become everything that's right about local TV (Those Idols ratings say it all) and we just can't get enough of his crazy life on Instagram.

So it's only fitting that Somgaga finally listens to the loyal masses and re-enters the world of reality TV.

Even though his last stint as a reality show star kind of went up in flames, it's been confirmed that he will be heading back on screen to give it another go.

The reports first surfaced earlier this month, via a report in City Press, and both Somizi and Mzansi Magic have since confirmed the show is a real thing.

What Somizi says:

Giving an interview with Slikour on SlikourOnLife recently, Somizi says that the show will be starting soon and will be called Living the Dream with Somizi.

"My life is a dream to other people and basically it's saying that you can live the dream on earth," he explains.

"It's about me. What I'm trying to do is show people this does not happen overnight. It's not about the flamboyant lifestyle, the Louis Vuittons, those are just accessories. But there is an entrepreneur behind Somizi. There's a businessman behind Somizi. There's a family man behind Somizi. There's a father behind Somizi. There's a breadwinner behind Somizi. There's a workaholic behind Somizi," he adds.

What the channel says:

Mzansi Magic has confirmed to The Juice that the show will go ahead and will be airing from the middle of April, but could not confirm the name of the show yet and stress that the title Living the Dream with Somizi could change before an official announcement is made.

So, we'll have to wait a couple more weeks before we finally get all the nitty-gritty deets of the show.

What the fans say:

Meanwhile fans can't help but share their excitement at the thought of a show dedicated to Somizi. Many of them taking to social media to share their views on the subject.

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