Songbird Bucie survives traumatic car crash

2016-03-04 12:00
Bucie Nqwiliso (Instagram)

Johannesburg - Don't worry, guys! Bucie is alive and kicking!

The songbird had friends worried this week when rumours spread that she had died in a car accident!

And while it's true that she was in a car accident on Wednesday evening that apparently left her car a complete wreck, she says she is doing just fine.

Speaking to Daily Sun this week, Bucie says she was travelling on William Nicol in the North of Johannesburg when she encountered a robot that was out of order. She recounts what happened next:

"The traffic lights were not working and I guess people still don’t know how four way stops work. I was the first to arrive at the stop, and I was about to turn when another car just came in my direction and bumped into me."

Bucie says that no one was hurt in the accident. But that didn't stop friends from calling her to check if she was okay.

“The friend actually asked if I was still alive. What shocked me was the fact that I had not even told a soul about the accident," she says.

"I guess it’s one of those things and it humbled me as a person," she adds.

So there you have it. If you planned to go watch Bucie perform this weekend, you can rest easy knowing she'll be there- alive and well!