Sorry gents, Gigi Lamayne isn't looking for your love!

2016-01-28 10:00
Gigi Lamayne (Instagram)

Johannesburg - A woman who is both attractive and really good at hip-hop may top the list for most men, but if you were thinking of dating Gigi Lamayne, think again!

As one of Mzansi's hottest mc's, Gigi Lamayne is probably used to all the male attention. But the female rapper says she is off the market, no matter how hard you try.

"I'm okay for now. I'm not exactly looking" she says.

"There is someone. He's very supportive. He makes me smile. He makes me happy. He makes me think I can take over the world," she giggles.

And even though she's shy to tell us who this mystery knight in shining armour might be, she does say the pair are "building empires together."