The inspiration behind “the new” Brian Temba

2016-03-31 16:00
Brian Temba (Instagram)

Johannesburg – Brian Temba is a changed man!

Like us, you’re probably screaming “We love you just the way you are, Brian” but it seems the actor and RnB crooner is determined to go “back to basics”, ahead of the launch of his next studio album of the same name.

“It won’t be a dramatic change. The sound is still Brian Temba but I think I’m now a little more adventurous with my voice and my delivery of songs. I’m going a little further than I’ve gone before,” he tells The Juice in a chat recently.

Part of that going further, Brian says, is throwing caution to the wind and being a little less conservative.

“RnB is very unapologetic. I mean, we’re singing about making love. And that’s one part that I’ve held back on. Sometimes, you are not true to the genre because your holding on to some kind of moral standpoint . RnB artists have been singing about love, and making love, unapologetically for years, and I think that it’s time that I do that as well,” he says.

And even though Brian says he is in a serious relationship (sorry, ladies) he says he draws from a number of different sources when he seeks inspiration for a love song.

“I draw from my experiences and my relationships, all in different ways. It doesn’t have to be romantic, it can be a friendship, but it all tells a story,” he says. “My daughter has been a massive inspiration to me. A different kind of inspiration , because it’s different kind of love, but my daughter is the biggest inspiration in my life. She inspires me to be better and to love more deeply,” he adds.

All together now; ahhhhh!