The Soil talks life, love and Color Run!

2016-04-13 07:33


The Soil. (Photo: Supplied)

Johannesburg - Kasi Soul sensation The Soil will be performing at the Color Run in Soweto on Sunday 17 April which is sponsored by Capitec.

We caught up with the a capella trio - new Soil Sister Theo Matshoba, Ntsika "Fana-tastic" Ngxanga and Luphindo Ngxanga (Master P) from Soweto – to hear their thoughts on music, unity, happiness and how to create a better life.

We hear you will be performing at the Color Run – the “happiest 5k on the planet” – at the UJ Campus in Soweto on 17 April. What does it mean to you to be performing at this event?  

It really means a lot - especially that we grew up in Soweto and we’re appreciated by the people of Soweto. We look forward to meeting our fans. We always want to perform in Soweto and it's thanks to events like the Color Run that we get to become part and parcel of Soweto heritage. The Color Run is going to be a great event for the whole family, because it’s so colourful, it attracts and unifies so many diverse people and it makes people so happy.

Do you identify with the event’s values: health, happiness, individuality and giving back?

Yes we do. We like the fact that the event is good, clean fun, that it brings the community together and also benefits the community through charity. We like what the event stands for and that it is focussed on creating awareness about how to live better. Coming from Soweto we want everyone to live life to the fullest, in a harmonious and peaceful environment. The Color Run embodies that. Soweto is where you all grew up, it’s your home ground. How do you feel about performing to your home crowd?  It's very exciting, because will be showcasing the talent that came from Soweto. And the vibe is very unique and special compared to other places and countries. This is where the sound originates.
One of the themes at The Color Run – Capitec’s theme – is to take a step in life to live better… #bankbetter #Livebetter #livefree… Can you tell us about the active steps have you have taken in your life to overcome challenges and to become successful musicians?

We firmly believe that you need to actively take positive steps in your life to make your life better, so in that sense we agree with Capitec. The steps we took in our lives were to concentrate on our craft and to bring people music that will inspire them. By doing good for others and by touching other people’s hearts, we were able to make positive things happen in our own lives too. We were able to go from growing up in Soweto as little kids with dreams and voices, to inspiring world leaders with our music. We feel that everyone deserves this kind of healing, it’s like Soul Food for people's hearts. So we hope to bring a bit of that hope, healing and harmony to all our fans at the Capitec Color Run.

(Photo: Supplied)

You have a new band member, Theo Matshoba, from Dobsonville Soweto, who has taken over from your popular leading lady Buhle. Theo, tell us what inspired you to the brave step to audition to join the band and how you feel about being a part of this tremendously popular and inspiring band now.

We mentioned before that it is so important to take a step in the right direction and I am so glad I took that step to audition to join the band. It was daunting, but I felt compelled. I am a singer at heart and The Soil is my favourite band. It’s a dream come true. Buhle is an inspiration to me and I commend her for following her heart and dreams into the next phase of her life. I also thank her for the opportunity she created for me to step into this role. I will do my best to live up to her legacy.  
What can you tell people out there about how to go about following their dreams day to day?

It all starts with an idea, then you put all the hard work to it, and results will prevail.
What inspires you to make music?

Everything that surrounds us, be it politics, people, current issues and life in general. We believe music can bring people together and can create unity, something that is in low supply in the country at the moment.  
What songs can fans look forward to hearing at The Color Run in Soweto?

Relegate humanity, which clearly states that we are one as a people.
What inspiration would you like Soweto’s Color Runners to take from your music?

Everything is possible, we did it from Soweto to the world, and they can also do it.
You’ve won awards, you have performed in amazing places in your career and you even have more than a million social media fans – and you’re still so young! Does it take a certain positive can-do attitude to create those opportunities and connections in life?

Yes it does, and for us it's only the start. We know we can do better, there are so many people that are longing to see us and hear the music, and our mission is to be on every single stage globally and heal people with our music.