The truth about those Sabelo & Thandeka engagement rumours

2016-03-30 14:00
Thandeka Zulu, Sabelo Ngema (Instagram)

Johannesburg - Are they on? Are they off? Are they about to get married? Are they even a thing?

There are so many questions when it comes to the love rumours swirling around musicians Sabelo Ngema and Thandeka Zulu.

We know the pair are singing partners but could they be more? 

Weekend reports claimed that not only are the pair dating but Sabelo was spotted at her parent's house negotiating lobola for her. In other words; they are about to get hitched!

But it seems their romance is a little more complicated than that.

Speaking to Daily Sun this week, the pair set the record straight.

What she says:

"My family had a house-warming and Sabelo was invited as a guest. We have never dated. I don’t know how many times I have to say this. We are not dating. These rumours upset me because I treat him like a brother. I could never date him,” Thandeka says.

Brother-zone. Ouch!

What he says:

Sabelo agrees that his visit was not to negotiate lobola for Thandeka but he says the pair have dated before and are no longer together.

"Thandeka and I are no longer dating. Yes, we used to date but we separated because I am committed to my baby mama whom I’m planning to marry. Thandeka and I only have a working relationship,” Sabelo says.

What we think:

Keeping up with this romance is enough to give us a headache.