Thembisa Mdoda conquers first bikini shoot

2015-12-08 18:00


Thembisa Mdoda (Facebook)

Johannesburg- Our Perfect Wedding presenter Thembisa Mdoda is serving all kinds of slayage in her rebooted career. 

Last month Thembisa was announced as the new presenter of this season's OPW. 

Judging by Thembisa's social media posts, she's having a blast in her new role. 

The actress has also been stepping out of her comfort zone. She recently faced her fears during her first bikini shoot. 

"It's a wrap on my first bikini shoot. How you hot people do this on the regular is a mystery to me. I almost peed in my pants. I'll post a full one if ever I have the guts," Thembisa wrote on Instagram. 

A short while later Thembisa plucked up the courage by sharing a full snap of herself. 

"Wise words from a wise man. 'Kick fear out of your life.' So I did my first bikini shoot today. I don't know how people do this on the regular. Intense. So Do whatever it is that you really want to do but are afraid. Do it," she wrote. 

Big ups to you Thembisa! 

P.S. You are smoking hot. 

Can you guys believe she's a mama of twins?! 

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