This is why Denise Zimba left VUZU-Amp!

2016-04-25 14:57


Denise Zimba. (Photo: CliffCentral)

Cape Town - Wondered why Denise Zimba, 27, had such a sudden exit from VUZU-Amp?

All was revealed during a recent interview with CliffCentral’s Arye Kellman in which Denise revealed the truth behind her departure.

"I didn’t want to leave. I had a lot of freedom at VUZU-Amp. You know I’m a singer, dancer, actor. M-Net has all these platforms and they're not using their in-house talent.

"They use talent from other networks to enhance their network. Your talent is sitting right there and they are giving you the best ratings you’ve ever had.

"I know I was bringing in ratings for that company. But when they oversee you‚ at some point you need to acknowledge your worth," Denise said.

According to the TV personality there was no room for her to grow within the company after they failed to see her worth.

She added: "Be honest with yourself and as disappointing as it is, do what you need to."

Denise felt like the show didn’t have her best interest at heart. "For someone who was ranking in the ratings‚ no recognition. No Nothing."

Listen to the full interview here.