This Pastor went to heaven and took snaps to prove it

2016-04-01 11:05
Prophet Mboro. (Photo: Facebook)

Cape Town - In case the good news hasn't hit you yet Incredible Happenings Ministries founder and leader Prophet Mboro went through the pearly gates.

Or so he says according to an article published on News SA.

The holy man’s spokesperson – Mr Nkuna - told local newspaper, the Katlehong Weekly, that Pastor Mboro was “captured” to heaven during an Easter Sunday service and took pictures on his Galaxy smart phone and came back down later that same day.

He went on to say that the pictures are available for R5000 and can be sent recipients via WhatsApp. The public can also apparently go via the ministry’s Facebook page for the photo. 

Juice visited The Incredible Happenings' Facebook page and saw that it hasn't been updated since August 2015.

Incredible happenings Facebook.

We then called the number listed for the Joburg based offices and there was no answer. (We called several times because we have a lot of questions, including but not limited to whether or not Biggie and Tupac are hanging out up there or if there’s still beef in the clouds.)

Then we checked out the pastor’s website - listed on his Facebook- and it’s down. 

Pastor's website

Some Twitter users say this is the pic:

Hayi, is that it? We want to see the selfie with Jesus! Have you shelled out 5K and have the photos? Send them to us and we’ll give you a shout out. #Shareheaven