Top 5 break-ups of 2015

2015-12-30 16:00


Heartbreaking break-ups of 2015 (Instagram)

Johannesburg- Each year comes with it’s own set of challenges, changes, joys and events.

Along with the joyous moments of celebration, came hurdles and moments of sadness.

It’s always heart-breaking to see once loved-up couples decide to call it quits on their relationship or marriages.

But hopefully happiness knocks on the door soon for these couples.

Here’s a recap of 2015’s break-ups…

DJ Zinhle and AKA:

Zinhle and AKA seemed to be the picture perfect couple, who would live happily ever after.

But that was not to be.

Three months ago, Zinhle shocked fans when she publicly announced that she and AKA were splitting. And, then a few weeks later Zinhle dropped another bomb when she took to her blog, claiming that the reason for her split from AKA was allegedly because he had cheated on her with Bonang Matheba.

The news hogged headlines for weeks, with each celebrity’s fan base taking sides in the public debacle. Despite them not being together their biggest achievement has got to be their little girl, who they both actively co-parent.

Graeme Smith and Morgan Deane:

No one saw this one coming. Just a few months before they announced their divorce, Graeme and Morgan were making us all jealous with vacay snaps. But we guess sometimes things aren’t always the way it seems.

Morgan and Graeme released a public statement letting fans know of their decision. The couple did not go into details behind their split. But a few weeks later things turned ugly.

Morgan publicly took strikes at Graeme claiming that he had taken her children away from her, allegedly had an affair, and sometimes left them with no money for food. Graeme hit back at Morgan’s social media posts with a detailed media statement rubbishing the claims.

Teko Modise and Lizelle Tabane:

One day they were going on baecations, and the next they had called it a day.

The real reason behind their split still remains a mystery. In fact, Lizelle only revealed that they weren’t six months after it had happened.

Their relationship was a constant topic for tabloids with swirling rumours doing the rounds. From physical abuse allegations to cheating claims- their relationship seemed to have withered quite a few storms. In the end it was just not meant to be – we’re guessing.

ProVerb and Onalerona:

The rapper shocked fans when he confirmed swirling cheating rumours on social media a few months ago. Despite the media frenzy ProVerb and his wife seemed determined to work on their ten-year-marriage.

But then just last month the rapper’s soon to be ex-wife took to social media confirming that they were getting a divorce. Sads!

K.O and Sarah Langa:

These two looked so loved-up. When K.O officially stepped out with his lady for the first time this year, fans rejoiced. They looked like the perfect couple. A few months later Sarah revealed that they weren’t together, but kept the reasons close to her chest.