Twitter calls for Pitch Black Afro's comeback

2016-02-04 18:00


Pitch Black Afro (Facebook)

Johannesburg- Kwaito veteran Pitch Black Afro recently shut down Twitter when he was featured on V Entertainment. 

The kwaito star spoke about his upbringing in Orlando East and dropped a few beats. 

Within minutes after Pitch Black Afro appeared on TV screens he made the Twitter trends list. 

It's been a while since fans have heard a new tune from the musician or seen him in the social circles. 

So it was a welcomed surprise for fans, who took to the social media platform to express their excitement. 

Some prayed that the rapper was dropping something new, while others focused on how much he's aged. 

Fam, the guy trended for hours by just making an appearance. Now that's power! 

Here's what some fans had to say...

Pitch Black Afro - your fans have spoken. When can that track be expected?