Twitter pokes fun at DJ Bongz

2016-03-09 14:00


DJ Bongz (Instagram)

Johannesburg- A routine Twitter Q&A went horribly wrong for DJ Bongz after users began taking the mickey out of him. 

DJ Bongz is not the first celebrity to face the wrath of Twitter users in the recent future. Just a few weeks ago, L'vovo's social media interview was also hijacked by users. (Read more on that here

While some fans had some genuinely serious questions to ask DJ Bongz, others just used it as a platform to create entertainment for everyone. 

Within minutes after DJ Bongz's Q&A started, users started posing ridiculous questions to him, which was followed by a string of memes. 

This resulted in DJ Bongz trending across the country for hours. 

But Bongz was a great sport through it all and even thanked fans for the fun. 

Here's some of our favourite questions...

Haai but guys where's the chill?!