Twitter takes aim with #BoitySurvives

2016-02-05 13:00
Boity Thulo (Instagram)

Johannesburg - Twitter is in a bitchy mood today. And it's taking aim. The latest victim? Boity Thulo.

It all started after Boity was left traumatised by an attempted smash and grab in Melville, Johannesburg.

She detailed how a man knocked very loudly on her window three times while she was stopped at a robot. "That shit was one of the scariest things I've ever experienced. But hey, God is in charge, right."

Then 5FM DJ, Nicole da Silva commented on a news report about the incident.

Twitter reigned in, with the hashtag #BoitySurived. It pokes fun at her lifestyle, coming up with scenarios that she survived.

But guys. She says she was traumatised. Every person handles a situation differently!


Our gal is taking it in her stride and responded with this --->
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