Unpacking feud of the year: AKA vs Cassper

2015-12-27 12:00
AKA and Cassper Nyovest (Instagram)

Johannesburg – It’s grown to become the biggest feud in SA music, probably EVER, and 2015 was another chapter in the lengthy battle between AKA and Cassper Nyovest.

And even though it may lack the frequent public call-outs and gun threats of 2014, 2015 was still an eventful year in the pair’s war for supremacy.


A holiday snap in late 2014 seemed to give the impression that the two rappers, who spent much of 2014 at each other’s throats, had finally kissed and made up. But almost as soon as the year had turned, AKA confirmed in an interview that a collaboration with Cassper was out of the question and would probably not happen “anytime soon.”

A few days later the Doc Shebeleza rapper wished AKA for his birthday. Anyone else confused?


AKA, tired of talking about his feud with Cassper, tells fans to “move the f*ck on already. It’s over.”  Cassper added his voice to the peace talks a few hours later, writing about his respect for AKA in an Instagram post.


The friendship continued into May with the rappers each sending messages of support and congratulations to each other. Cassper congratulated AKA on his BET nomination and AKA responded by wishing Cassper luck with his goal to fill up the dome.


The pair’s friendship was put to the test when AKA travelled to the UK. During a freestyle session on Tim Westwood’s legendary crib sessions, AKA addressed the beef. The freestyle seemed to rub both rappers the wrong way, with Cassper addressing his fans to say he was disappointed by AKA bringing up the beef and AKA accusing people of trying to steal his shine. AKA would later allude to this as the reason for the beef between the pair reigniting.

What followed was a couple of Twitter arguments between them and AKA questioning Cassper’s claim that he made “a milli(on) a month”. For the record, Cassper says he can sometimes make R2 million A NIGHT!


For the first time in nearly a year, the feud became physical with the rappers involved in an altercation at a nightclub in Johannesburg. It was alleged that AKA walked up to Cassper at the club and slapped him before bouncers and friends pulled the pair apart. AKA would later admit to slapping Cassper.


AKA reignites the music side of the beef by releasing a surprise diss track, mainly aimed at his rival. In the track, AKA speaks candidly about their relationship and says he will not treat Cassper’s trademark ponytail “like the holy grail”.


It didn’t take that long for Cassper to respond to AKA’s diss track. After two freestyles, Cassper finally dropped his reply while everyone was sleeping. He made some very serious allegations, but if you thought AKA was concerned, months later he tweeted that he had never even heard it. In case you missed it, you can listen to it here. 

Later in the month, Cassper revealed that fellow rapper Riky Rick encouraged him not to respond AKA’s initial diss track, but he felt he had to stand up for himself.

A few days later Cassper made history as the first local artist to fill up the Northgate TicketPro Dome, while AKA performed to a far smaller audience.


Both artists called for a cease-fire as they focused on their own shows and projects.


Last year they made peace: maybe this year we'll get a collab?

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