uSingil stabbed in alleged copycat feud

2015-11-26 12:00
uSingil (Instagram)

Johannesburg - Kwaito artist, uSingil is recovering after being stabbed.

Speaking to The Juice, uSingil, says the stabbing occurred at a Sandton park on Tuesday after a group of men approached him and his friends.

uSingil claims he was attacked by fans of the popular rapper Cassper Nyovest.

The incident comes just days after uSingil revealed to The Juice that he had been accused of copying Cassper's trademark ponytail hairstyle. The musician fiercely denied the accusations claiming that he had the hairstyle long before Cassper entered the scene. (Read more about that here

"They started to make an issue. A fight started and I began to defend myself. They asked why I was mentioning Cassper in the newspapers and if I wanted to start beef. They accused me of trying to break into the industry," he says.

A scuffle ensued and uSingil was stabbed in the left hand. uSingil believes that the men were a crew of die-hard Cassper fans. However, there is no proof to back up uSingil's claims. 

Despite the incident, uSingil  says he harbours no hard feelings towards Cassper and his fans, and that he only wants people to know he's not a Cassper copycat. The musician explained that he will not be laying charges as the perpetrators have apparently apologised to him. 

"The thing that I hate, and what I want people to know, is the truth: I never copied Cassper's anything. People should know that I'm not Cassper and I'm not copying him. I don't know if he copied me or if he copied anyone but I'm doing my thing and he is doing his.

Usingil says he has often been accused of being a satanist and part of the illuminati, and was even prevented from making a trip to Cape Town, because of his hair.

"I've dealt with so many difficult things because of my hair. This Cassper thing is nothing to me," he says.

Numerous attempts to get comment from Cassper's management were unsuccessful.