Valentines can really suck: DJ Fresh vs Thando T

2016-02-11 09:00
DJ Fresh, Thando Thabethe (Instagram)

Johannesburg - What was your worst Valentine's Day experience? If you think back, we probably all had a moment where we we simply threw our hands in the air and screamed "love sucks!"

This Valentine's Day we got a chance to chat to 5FM's DJ Fresh and Thando Thabethe about their disaster Valentines. All in an attempt to find out who's had the biggest nightmare on love street!

What has been your worst Valentine’s day experience?

Fresh: In my matric year I broke up with my grade 11 girlfriend to get back with my ex from grade 10, but I wasn't clear about the break-up. So, I bought my grade 10 girlfriend a massive bouquet of flowers. My grade 11 ex came to visit me on Valentine's Day and so the whole school was scrambling to hide the flowers. I felt shitty that I had put her through that.  

TT: My boyfriend at the time had come to see me to drop off flowers. He was in his soccer kit and said he needed to go play soccer so he couldn’t stay. As far as I was concerned, it was a lie and I’m sure he went off to see another girl.

Who wins? Tie

What is the worst gift you ever got on Valentine’s day? 

Fresh: When I broke up with an ex in grade 9, she tore up all the cheesy cards I had ever bought her and threw it in my breakfast in front of the whole school. 

TT: No gift at all!

Who wins? Fresh

The lamest line anyone has given you on V-day? 

Fresh: Valentine's has always been about the actions more than the words.

TT: "Is your father a terrorist, because you’re the bomb!"

Who wins? Thando 

Your most heart-warming moment on Valentine’s day that made you believe in love again?

Fresh: I once wrote an entire one hour radio show of love songs and presented it to a girlfriend on a date at Milky Lane, coupled with a gold ring attached to the straw. Really cheesy. But besides that, probably meeting my wife and being completely in awe. I knew I would marry her from the moment I met her.

TT: The moment I met my current boyfriend. He swept me off my feet. Well, he actually made fun of my feet. He said they’re so little and chubby the very first time we met.

Who wins? Tie

Verdict: We would avoid Valentine's Day if we were you both, Fresh and Thando. Rather come over to our place and we'll bury our sorrows in a tub of ice cream.

Or just join the crew at a 5FM Love Sucks party in Johannesburg, Ballito, Cape Town or Port Elizabeth this Saturday night, tickets are available at

It will only cost you R55, but it's a lot cheaper than losing your dignity this V-Day.

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