Vusi Nova unfazed by 'drug' backlash

2016-03-17 18:00


Vusi Nova (Instagram)

Johannesburg - Last week Vusi Nova opened up for the first time about turning to drugs after the death of his mom.

The singer detailed how dealing with grief saw him turn to drugs, which resulted in him spending his inheritance of R500K in ten months. (Find that story here

But all of that is in the past and Vusi is clean. 

Even though Vusi has changed his life around, the admission opened a can of worms with fans, who dug into the singer on social media. 

People accused him of being careless and irresponsible. 

However, the Nomakanjani hitmaker is taking it all in his stride.

Speaking to Daily Sun Vusi explained that he has no regrets about confessing, and that he is unfazed by people's comments. 

"I confessed for a good reason and am glad I spoke about it. These things happen to a lot of people. I wanted to warn others to be aware and avoid falling into the same trap. It was stupid of me and I'm not proud of it. That is why I want it to be a lesson to others. I can say that I'm clean now," Vusi said.