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Watch: Sizwe Dhlomo introduces us to his rap alter-ego

2015-11-23 14:02
Sizwe Dhlomo (Instagram)

Johannesburg - Everyone knows Eminem has one, Tupac also had one and it seems so does Sizwe Dhlomo. When it comes to hip-hop, nothing says "bad ass" more than having an alter-ego. 

And while the world has known about Eminem's Slim Shady for years, we are only starting to get a glimpse of Sizwe Dhlomo's rap alter ego, Scatter Brain.

Sizwe, uh, we mean Scatter Brain, was unleashed on fans recently as part of the build up to MTV's Hottest MC's list to be revealed later this week. 

Scatter Brain may not be the scariest name in the game, but it seems the TV hosts rap side is pretty mean on a beat.

You don't believe us? Check it out...

We wonder who his ghost writer is?