Watch: Tol Ass Mo's music career is actually a thing!

2016-02-08 19:00
Tol Ass Mo (Instagram)

Johannesburg - If you thought that Tol Ass Mo's music career was something that would be safely left in 2015, think again!

The actor and TV personality is moving full steam ahead with plans to release an album this year, and he wants you to know all about it.

Talking to Vuzu recently, Tol lifted the lid on his music career and says that he prefers to be seen as a hype man and not as a rapper.

"T.A.M is my alter ego. He's a hype man, not a hip-hop artist or serious rapper. The lames are worried now that Tol Ass is coming out with some heat. He's all about having fun on music, just expressing yourself in a comedic way," he says.

And he has a few surprise artists he'll feature on the album.

Check out Tol's plans to take over music in 2016 and what fans can expect from the album: