Wendy & Nonhle fight footage: The internet reacts

2015-12-23 18:16
The Diski Divas before the physical altercation (The Juice)

Johannesburg - On Wednesday The Juice exclusively revealed video footage of a fight between former reality TV stars, Nonhle Ndala, Wendy Parker and Katlego Mohoaduba.

In the footage, which was given to The Juice on condition of anonymity, Wendy and Katlego are seen ganging up on Nonhle while she is pregnant. Wendy was brought into the Kaya FM radio studios in Johannesburg in May as a surprise guest.

In previous episodes of the show, Nonhle had publicly ridiculed Wendy calling her trash and mocking her "coulered accent."

After TV bosses viewed the footage, Wendy and Kat were fired from Diski Divas, while Nonhle laid charges of assault against them. Wendy retaliated by laying counter charges - all of which were later dropped.

The Juice is in possession of various footage from the night in question. Here is just one short clip of the incident:

Soon after the footage was released, the videos went viral. Wendy and Diski Divas have trended on social media for several hours now.

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