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WTF happened with Queen Twerk's sex tape?

2016-04-11 10:52
Faith Ntseki, Instagram, Queen Twerk
Faith Ntseki (Credit: Instagram)

Cape Town – Sometimes when stories break over a weekend it’s easy to miss it. So let’s give you the facts - who she is, what happened and how people reacted - as we know them. 

The Breakdown:

1) This is Queen Twerk (real name Faith Nketsi). She is super-popular on Instagram for posting videos like this of her Twerking like a pro:

2) As you can see from the above compilation she used to have a ton of videos on her Insta and posted on the regular. Then, over the weekend, a video of her and a gentleman in a compromising sexual position was posted. In the video the man has his penis out and puts it in Ntski's face.

She doesn't look too pleased about it. In other words the video is of two people in the act of sex. Naked.They get freaky from every angle. We are not going to post the video her for obvious reasons... The video and a bunch more have since been deleted from the sexy entertainer’s Instagram. 

3) The biggest part of this story has definitely been the public reaction. People have been going crazy. 

Here are a few examples (read the threads especially):

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