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Yo! Charl, where have you been?

2016-03-26 14:00
Charl Timotheus (Instagram)

Johannesburg – There was a time, way back in our childhood, when a fresh-faced young man used to rule the TV screens. When you could hardly walk the streets without someone mentioning actor Charl Timotheus or his Backstage character, Ziggy. 

But all too quickly the show and Charl disappeared from our screens – destined to be forgotten forever.

The Juice decided to do some digging and found Charl plying his trade in the private sector.

“Because Backstage was on a national scale, many people didn’t realise that I had moved to Afrikaans entertainment after my stint on Backstage. And that’s where I concentrate my efforts now. I’m in charge of all the advertiser-funded shows on KykNET,” he tells us, when we finally track him down.

Charl says he loved acting, but he never really saw it as a lifelong career and he would have to think long and hard about making a return.

“The acting thing was something that kind of happened sporadically. I never really had any real intention of being an actor. I was at varsity doing my honours and I joined an agency to get extra cash, and Backstage approached me with so many zeros that I couldn’t refuse,” he says.

“People always ask me why I don’t act anymore but the people who know me, know that I never intended to be an actor. It just happened. I love it but it was never first prize for me,” he adds.

That may be the case but please come back, Ziggy. We miss you!