Zinhle: Motherhood is the greatest

2015-11-18 15:00
DJ Zinhle (Instagram)

Johannesburg - DJ Zinhle has opened up about her journey as a new mother, revealing that as a child she wanted to have many children.

"Motherhood is the greatest," Zinhle told Radio 2000's morning team in an interview this week.

Zinhle reveals that she spends an hour of special mother-daughter time with her daughter Kairo each morning, and the pair will often just put on music and listen to their favourite artists, which includes Michael Jackson, Tresor and even daddy, AKA.

Talking about her decision to postpone motherhood, Zinhle says she put off motherhood until she was in her 30's to make sure she was completely ready to be a mom.

"I would encourage Kairo to have a child when she's in her 30's. I'm not saying it's wrong to have a child in your 20's, but I just don't see what the rush is. There's so much to live for, so much to travel and people to meet. Just hold on and live your life,"she says.

"I'm glad I waited so long to have a child because I feel I'm better equipped and I've lived my life," she adds.

And even though she grew up wanting loads of kids, DJ Zinhle says it could be some time before Kairo has a little brother or sister.

"When I was growing up I thought I would have tons and tons of kids, but now I know how expensive they are. But if I look at Kairo and how she's growing up, I honestly could do it all again," she says. "If I had the money and the boyfriend, I would have one right now. So, brothers who have money and who are willing to co-parent, please call the girl," she jokes.

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